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B & C Mechanical delivers the best value and the most experienced heating and air conditioning (HVAC) companies in the Hartwell, GA area. We’ve helped residents solve their home comfort issues for over 13 years. As you can imagine, we’ve seen and repaired just about every problem imaginable. As a provider of heating and air conditioning near you, every call we take is an opportunity for us to improve our HVAC services to our customers.

Our trained service technicians have completed basic and advanced training in all aspects of heating and air conditioning installation, repair and service. We are able to respond to any HVAC issue you’re having regardless of age or original installer. Many times, an HVAC unit will quit working during extreme temperatures or might need new duct work installed to enhance comfort.  Perhaps your heating and air conditioning system just doesn't work as well as it used to.  From emergency repairs and routine service calls to designing and installing all new HVAC systems, B & C Mechanical can help.  We’re the experts to call when you need HVAC service near you.

B & C Mechanical, of Hartwell, GA., offers Daikin, Lennox and American Standard brand HVAC Systems for Residential homes. From small mini-split HVAC units to large fully-ducted central HVAC systems. Call 706-376-5341 for a competitive quote at no obligation.

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In addition to residential service, we’re also your local Hartwell, GA commercial and industrial HVAC, Chillers, Refrigarators and other customer industrial applications. Having a climate controlled building isn’t just about being comfortable. In some cases, it’s vital to the work you do. Our technicians know the difference between residential and commercial systems. They are trained to identify issues, make the necessary repairs, and offer you recommendations for keeping your HVAC system, Chillers or Refrigarators in the best condition possible.


Call us when you need fast service for offices, medical practices, churches, schools, and other commercial facilities located in Hartwell, GA or surrounding counties of  Hart County, GA, Elbert County, GA.  If you own or operate an industrial facility, we’ll take care of you, too! Our crews understand the special challenges that come along with installing and repairing heating and air conditioning, refrigeration systems and coolers in these types of buildings. We ensure your system, cooler, or refrigeration items are working together seamlessly.  We have technicians on call so you can trust that we’ll be there to fix any problems as quickly as possible.

We offer Daikin, Lennox and American Standard brand HVAC systems that are specifically designed for Commercial and Industrial Buildings/Retail stores/Restaurants/Offices. Understanding the varying needs of our business clients is critical in the process we use for servicing them. We offer equipment service intervals and Planned Service Agreements for our commercial accounts. Call for a competitive quote at no obligation.

Commercial refrigeration equipment is the lifeblood of many businesses in the Hartwell, GA. and surrounding areas. When your refrigeration or cooler equipment is not working, your productivity and sales can grind to a halt. When you need repairs and service for your refrigeration, call us. B & C Mechanical Hartwell, GA is prompt, reliable, and will get things back to working as they should.


If you need new equipment, our sales department is always here to help. If you’re having trouble with a refrigerator, freezer, ice machine, coolers, or any other type of commercial refrigeration equipment, give B & C Mechanical a call for fast service. You’ll see why our commercial refrigeration customers turn to us for all their needs.

Our owner, Rodney Cowart has over 20 years experience in commercial and industrial HVAC, Chillers and Refrigarators.  He understands what "down time" means to your company and will respond professionally and timely, whenever needed. 

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Our annual planned service agreements are available for any brand of HVAC System, regardless of age or original installation company.  Planned service visits are scheduled twice per year to insure your heating and air conditioning system is operating efficiently.  Planned service agreements ensure any warranties remain in effect and prolong the life of your HVAC system. B & C Mechanical technicians will diagnose and repair any potential issues with your current HVAC system and will complete basic maintenance so you don't have to. From changing your air filter to refilling freon, just call and B & C will come take a look. Planned service agreements are available for both residential and commercial HVAC customers.  Oh, and don't forget, B & C Mechanical has the lowest cost, best value planned service agreement in Hart County.

Benefits of an HVAC Planned Service Agreement:

You Can Trust Us – Our team has over 25 years of experience. Many rely on us for dependable, reliable, personable service. Without regard for who installed your system, or the brand, our confident service team will be happy to help.

Peace of Mind – Keeping your HVAC system running in excellent condition and staying ahead of potential issues that may cause a future problem.

Skilled Techs At Your Service – Our highly dependable and well trained staff of experts at your fingertips.

Price Protection – By buying an annual agreement, you’re are locked in to a maintenance price and are protected from any price increases.

Click HERE to be added to our Planned Service Agreement Program.


Before you install a new appliance, whether it is for an HVAC unit or not, having your gas lines installed professionally and correctly is critical to long term safety and operation of you appliance.  Call us at 706-376-5341.


Also, pressure checking your gas line system is essential for safety. Or service employees will be happy install your new gas line system check your existing lines to ensure there are no gas leaks.

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