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Keep Up On Your AC Maintenance

When you live in the Northeast Georgia area, maintaining your home air conditioning system is critical to properly cool your home over the next 4-6 months. Many of us are seeing our bills go up during this time frame and something as simple as keeping up with your maintenance routines will help. Here is a basic list of items that you should do or have done by a licensed heating and air conditioning company in the Lake Hartwell area.

1. Change or clean the air filter regularly to ensure good air flow and prevent dirt and dust from accumulating on coils and fans.

2. Keep the outdoor unit clean and clear of debris such as leaves, grass, and twigs that can block air flow and reduce efficiency.

3. Check the refrigerant levels and make sure there are no leaks. Low refrigerant levels can cause the system to work harder and use more energy.

4. Check the condensate drain line and ensure it is clear and free of clogs. A clogged drain line can cause water damage and mold growth.

5. Schedule regular maintenance with a professional HVAC technician to inspect and service the system before the summer season starts.

Matthew can repair and maintain your air conditioning to run in top condition in Hartwell, Georgia
Matthew is a professional technician, installer and manager at B&C Mechanical in Hartwell, Georgia.

Our technicians are happy employees who value each and every customer of ours. We strive to continue to be a 5 Star Google Rated company with many reviews from satisfied customers.

When you put your home heating and air conditioning systems in our hands, we will not stop until we have found the best solution for your equipment and your particular situation.

Matthew is a dedicated employee who helps manage our three teams of technicians and installers at our local Hartwell, Georgia location.

Supporting our community and serving our customers is our top priority.


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